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Vision & Mission


Little flower CST Fathers (Little Flower Congregation) , serving people with a Missionary Zeal for over a glorious decade, has been prompting many a meticulous mind to listen and many an ethereal heart to respond to the Calls of time. It is all in the cornucopia of Kerala's Best Institute for IELTS, the goodness of dedication, the splendor of learning and the seraphic serenity in which one comes and gets every word, every understanding, every phrase and moves in our spirit of 'Be little and serve the Little' for a world that needs their spirit.'At Little Flower', we lead a crusade envisaging to draw the young blood, forced in today's world to choose whether to be under the doom and gloom or to be under the glory of success, into the never ever fading glamour and grandeur of being at amazingly lofty levels.

Little Flower - the epitome of academic elegance and pedagogical excellence- envisions legion of its students going forth from here to the ends of the earth in the spirit of 'Serving the Little', a simple and profound answer to many an exigent concern today. 'Little Flower' makes its wards move from Thinking to Acting, from Thought to Action. Here one is always on the 'way in' basking in the sunshine of great self esteem and never on the 'way out'.