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From the director's desk

In the cut and dried living, having an educational qualification in a specific area is the preliminary step towards getting a secure job. Additional to this, learning multiple talents or multi-skilled professions can definitely help one to achieve an astonishing career. Despite this, some occupation sectors demand additional know-how and linguistic proficiency in view of securing a competitive occupation abroad. English as a leading global language, lingua franca, having spoken by 350 million people as their first language and 430 millions as their second language internationally, opens enormous opportunities to the aspiring brains to be best placed in top positionsat multi-national companies located the world over.

Prominently, English also open doors for academic world. In pursuance of best training and credentials, students contemplating their diploma, undergraduate, post-graduate and further studies, regardless of their areas of interest; from reputed overseas institutions, should possess competitive communication skills and proficiency in the medium of language they are taught in. If the best program in their speciality is in an English-speaking country, a good command in English will give them the opportunity to study in many international academies, where English is their common working language and attract students from all over the world;especially at word-class universities in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Ireland, the USA and the UK. Attending international conferences and publishing magazines and journals in internationally accepted languages and much more are some keystones to success in academia with excellent proficiency in English.

Little Flower Institute (LFI), as a pioneer institution of CST Fathers, has been serving in the relevant field for more than 15 years, facilitates International English Language Testing System (IELTS) preparationclasses (both Academic and General) for those who wish to study, work and migrate to many determined world-zones and our bone fide students have already accomplished successand are well settled in various locations worldwide. At LFI, we intend to deliver success oriented coaching to the candidates to achieve required score in a Full-time or a Crash-course based programmes. To affix to this, we also conduct training for Occupational English Test (OET), an alternative language competency test for many health-related professionals that is approved by many accredited bodies in Australia, New Zealand and recently approved by the NMC (UK), NMBI (Ireland), Dubai, Singapore and many more to come.

From the admission, throughout the moulding period until the exam, each candidate is assessed face-to-face, to cater the need-based training in each module, thereby enabling the staff to deliver candidate capacity based trials and provide touchstones that constituting to their progress.

The intensity and duration of the course and the level of training is orchestrated by the mutual understanding of both candidate and mentors, need and the necessity of required band scores and the availability of time before the student appear for their exam. Assistance is given for exam registration along with the guidance provided to the pre-exam set up.

Our State-of-the-art language lab and advanced resources enlighten the aspirants and the required band scores can be secured by the meticulous observation of candidate’s everyday progress and categorical steer of our dedicated members of the training team towards the success of the individual.


Dr. John Kochupurackal CST

Director - Little Flower Institute